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Six Hour Canoe

Originally, this boat was developed by Mike O’Brian (publisher of „Wooden Boat“) for oceanography students. It was intended to be a versatile, fast and cheap to build boat. The basic structure is finished in just 6 hours. Two more days are necessary to finish the thwarts, the seating, the gunwale reinforcements and various other small parts.

Conditioning of the hull can be carried out according to the kayakers preference and to the functional requirement. It can be coated with water proof wall paint or with finish as used for conventional yachts.

This boat is suitable for medium rough waters, is exceptionally manoeuvrable and has a very low tendency to capsize. It is well suited even for beginners and children and also as a fishing or bathing boat.

Either a kayak or a canoe paddle can be used for propulsion. All necessary materials to build the boat are readily available and easy to handle even for a hobbyist. Only few different tools are required and due to the short construction time the boat can be built outdoor.

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