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Bespoke Boat–Building

Any of the below mentioned boats can be ordered. The kayaks will be custom–made according to your body dimensions and preferences. On request, these boats can also be built after the original building plans according to your body dimensions.

As for the canoes, I can offer two excellent types of solo canoes and a bigger one for 2-4 persons. You can choose the colour and the individual configuration of the boat.

The paddles will be custom–made according to your body dimensions. The canoe paddle as well as the greenland kayak paddle are enforced by a piece of hardwood which is glued crosswise in the end part of the paddle. Additionally, the rim of the greenland kayak paddle is also enforced.

Bespoke greenland kayak



“Twister” 13 or 14 ft(Theo Lasch)

Bespoke Greenlankayak, made for travelling

“Chestnut Cruiser” 17 Ft

Bespoke paddle for greenland kayak

Paddle for canoe, asymmetrical

Prices on request.

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